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double braided a group whose

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For double covers, the voltage graph is a signed graph with critical group defined in terms a Laplacian matrix that appears in work of Zaslavsky. One can generalize this to a notion of "double coverings" of signed graphs, and use this to reinterpret a result of H. Bai on the p-primary structure of the critical groups of n-cubes for odd primes p.

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whose fundamental group is the braid group of the 2-sphere or real projective plane respectively. The resulting spaces are elementary flavors of moduli spaces and may be described in elementary terms as spaces of polynomials. These were investigated in []. One feature of the view here is that when calculations “work”, they do so eas-

Hair History: Braids

Jun 25, 2018· Braided hair is mentioned again in the Iliad, “In blood was (Euphorbus’) hair drenched, that was like the hair of the Graces, and his tresses that were braided with gold and silver.” During the period of the Germanic Tribes (750 BC – 768 AD), the Suebian Knot braid was a very popular hairstyle for the tribe''s warriors.

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* Ropes made up of polypropylene fiber whose linear density is less than 1 . * with soft abrasion resistance can float on the water and has a close strength and elongation when wet and dry. * Ropes can be widely used in transportation, oil fields and mines etc. Specific Gravity:0.91 floating on the water. Melting Point: 165 ºC

1. Introduction

ping class group of its orientable double cover Scontaining no (powers of) Dehn twists. Thus, from every eedding ϕ: Bn → M(N) we can obtain an eedding ψ: Bn → M(S), whose image contains no Dehn twists. In Section 3 we use the fact that the braid group is isomorphic to the mapping class group of a punctured disc, to construct an eedding

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This group will be happy to know that the RF97 features the same foam fill and double braid as the 1983 Pro Staff Original. In fact, it even weighs the same as the original (12.0oz unstrung). Finally, we’ve kept the traditional end cap on this frame’s handle, which you can order all the way up to grip size 5 (4 5/8”).

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of braided, balanced and ribbon egory in §5, we formulate our notion of bal-anced dialogue egory in §6. We conclude the article by illustrating in §7 the notion of balanced dialogue egory with a series of examples coming from quantum …

[hep-th/9210044] The Quantum Double as Quantum Mechanics

Oct 08, 1992· This provides a new example of a quantum system whose algebra of observables is a Hopf algebra. Furthermore, its dual Hopf algebra can also be viewed as a quantum algebra of observables, of another quantum system.

Mutual statistics, braid group, and the fractional quantum

Oct 10, 1992· OSTI.GOV Journal Article: Mutual statistics, braid group, and the fractional quantum Hall effect. Mutual statistics, braid group,

Braid group : definition of Braid group and synonyms of

The braid group B 3 is the universal central extension of the modular group PSL(2,Z), with these sitting as lattices inside the (topological) universal covering group . Further, the modular group has trivial center, and thus the modular group is isomorphic to the quotient group of modulo its center; equivalently, to the group of inner automorphisms of .. A construction is given below.

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Mar 25, 2020· The LUNA Aneurysm Eolization System (LUNA AES), also known as Artisse (Medtronic, Irvine, California, USA) is a self-expanding, mechanically detachable, endovascular flow disruption device with a double-layer nitinol mesh with platinum markers. 87 99 100 This device was evaluated for safety and efficacy in Europe in a prospective multicentre


Delooping of a group to a groupoid. Let G G be a group regarded as a discrete groupoid in the whose component map. the delooping of a braided monoidal egory produces a monoidal biegory, and delooping of that is a triegory or (weak) 3 3-egory.

A New Approach to the Constructions of Braided T-egories

The quantum double of Drinfel’d [6] is one of the most celebrated Hopf constructions, which associates we recall the notions of braided T-egory, Turaev group algebra and generalized Yetter-Drinfel’d modules. whose object M is a left H-module (with the action h m 7!h m) and


GROUP COHOMOLOGY AND GAUGE EQUIVALENCE OF SOME TWISTED QUANTUM DOUBLES GEOFFREY MASON AND SIU-HUNG NG Abstract. We study the module egory associated to the quantum double of a nite abelian group Gtwisted by a 3-cocycle, which is known to be a braided monoidal egory, and investigate the question of when two such …

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Research on graph braid groups has mainly been concentrated on characteristics of their presentations. An outstanding question was which graph braid group is a right-angled Artin group. The precise characterization of such graphs was given in [ 12] for n ≥5 by extending the result in [ 8] for trees and n ≥4.

Braid group representation on quantum computation (Journal

Sep 30, 2015· OSTI.GOV Journal Article: Braid group representation on quantum computation. Braid group representation on quantum computation. Full Record; Other Related Research

Quantized multipliive quiver varieties and actions of

In this case, for any n E Z>o, we construct a functor from the egory of Dq-modules to representations of the type A double affine Hecke algebra of rank n. This functor is an instance of a more general construction which may be applied to any quasi-triangular Hopf algebra H, and yields representations of the elliptic braid group of rank n.

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IP Patterned Plexus of Filaments, Method of Producing and Articles Containing Patterned Filaments US 20140377488 A1 Disclosed herein is a plexus of filaments which is composed of groups of filaments, whose filament meers are linked together, in a repetitious pattern, and whose filaments may be interlaced or linked to bisecting groups of filaments, creating a …

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A group of young s is sent to the front lines, where they take the aliens'' power into their bodies, and gain powerful abilities. By being violated by the enemy, they absorb their power, and defeat them while writhing in pleasure. And so the war continues. As the minds and bodies of the young s are consumed by the world.

Constructing a polynomial whose nodal set is the three

Jun 06, 2017· In terms of the Artin braid group , a braid of s strands has s − 1 generators , , where represents an overcrossing between the and strands, and for each k, and other generators commute. The torus knot T s , q is therefore represented by the braid word ; the figure-eight knot by (and higher powers for higher periods of the knot, such as n = 3

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The compounds whose structures are shown below, incorporate a variety of functional groups. The questions on the right ask you to identify which compounds have a specific functional group. For each compound that has the designated group, enter the appropriate nuer (shown in green) in the answer box.

at.algebraic topology - Morphism from a surface group to a

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[0907.2880] A Chern-Simons approach to Galilean quantum

Jul 16, 2009· The particular extension of the Galilei group we consider is the classical double of a much studied group, the extended homogeneous Galilei group, which is also often called Nappi-Witten group. We exhibit the Poisson-Lie structure of the doubly extended Galilei group, and quantise the Chern-Simons theory using a Hamiltonian approach.

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Academic Regalia and other clothing guidelines. Due to the formality of this occasion and safety concerns, please wear appropriate footwear; flip flops, clogs, very high heels, and loose fitting shoes are not recommended. It is requested that men wear slacks and a dress shirt with a tie. For women, slacks with a blouse or a dress is appropriate.

tensor product of abelian groups

symmetric group, cyclic group, braid group. classifiion of finite simple groups. sporadic finite simple groups. Monster group, it is the group whose elements are presented by pairs of elements in A A and B B and such that the group operation for one argument fixed is that of the other group in the other argument.

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BIBLE PORTAL is a Bible-literacy portal that nurtures continuous spiritual growth by providing access to Bibles, Bible Verse & Pictures, Bible Verse …

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Reductive monoids are the neglected cousin of reductive groups. Originally studied by Putcha and Renner, they have seen new interest stemming from the work of Braverman, Kazdhan, and Ngo in the Langlands Program. They are Zariski-closed monoids whose unit group is a reductive group.

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Feb 11, 2022· This is a double-ended leash, which means that it attaches to both the front and back attachment points of a harness (this helps manage pulling while also giving the dog full range of motion).

Color-pattern planning, square and flat braids - Loop Braiding

Aug 09, 2011· How the order of the loops on your fingers relates to the color order in your braid! [Jump to loop/color order for square and flat braids here; Spanish 7-loop braid here; 8-loop double braid here.]. The color set-ups for all braids in photos are given here.. The last part of this post is a section on color ideas — a few tips and strategies for coming up with effective color …